Faith in Humanity Restored (for today)

It is 8.30pm on a Tuesday and I’m full from the Nandos I ordered in. I was reflecting on my day when I felt inspired to write about it. Something happened today which pleasantly surprised me and I feel grateful.

At 8.30 this morning, I was on my way to an interview thing at the job centre. Without going into much detail, I have been struggling to find a job recently (as a recent graduate) and it has come to the point where I could use some help. I convinced my friend to come with me because I was feeling quite nervous about it, not knowing what to expect. This turned out to be redundant because as soon as we got there, my friend was told to wait outside. I felt really bad about that but appreciated the company on the walk there.

I had no idea what to expect, so naturally I was expecting the worst. I imagined someone grilling me for an hour, chipping away at my confidence. Instead, I was introduced to this guy who was polite, cheery and chatty ! He was friendly and really made me feel comfortable. He was interested in my degree subject and shared some funny stories, explaining how things work around there. Although I still felt slightly nervous because I was in unchartered territory, I came out feeling good about myself. He was encouraging and seemed to genuinely want to help. He reassured me that I would find a job in no time, and not to be feel so disheartened about it. As soon as I got home – okay, I had a 3 hour nap first – I got on it, feeling motivated about finding a job.

So that was my pleasant surprise of the day. My faith in humanity was restored by one man who was making the most of his job by helping people feel better. A word of encouragement can really go a long way.

Just a thought…



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  1. meetmeinnevada says:

    You and me both. I’m struggling to find a job in my new city. You’d think. It’s so big there are bound to be lots of jobs. Even with my degree it’s hard. Reading this made me feel more confident. I hope you find one soon! I wish you the best of luck.

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    1. Aw I’m glad this gave you a little boost ! It really is tough and can be disheartening but hopefully we will both be in our dream jobs soon !! Good luck to you too !

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