Short Story: Introducing Q

Q was standing in the corridor. She stared up at what they call a ‘clock’ to confirm what she already knew. It was midday. She was just on time.

Q did well to look like a student; from the ripped jeans, to the edgy choker, to the white low-tops. She was also wearing a backpack in a classic student way; on one shoulder. The only reason she stood out from the crowd, was because of her natural beauty. She had a glowing complexion, endless shiny hair and eyes which told stories of their own. She really was something. Her modesty didn’t quite hide the fact that she knew it.

The door to her left opened suddenly and a woman hurried out. Q recognised her as a lecturer here; Dr. Cambry. Dr. Cambry was young compared to her colleagues. She always had a flustered vibe to her; juggling her papers, her endless coffee supply and her handbag. She wore her hair in a bun so tight, her hair tie threatened to burst at any second. Dr. Cambry scurried away, nearly spilling her coffee on a couple of teaching assistants walking past.

Q peered into the room as the door was left ajar. She noticed all of the windows were open, allowing the autumn wind to take over the room, bringing the odd leaf in with it. Apart from the howling windows, there seemed to be no other presence in the room. How strange, she thought, I could have sworn he was here a minute ago. After another few minutes of scrutiny, she turned and walked back the way she came, along the corridor, carefully avoiding a small coffee spillage on the floor.

If only she’d been a bit more patient, she would have noticed the ever-so-slight sound of a door locking. And if she had followed that sound, she would have noticed a mysterious door knob coming out of the back wall of the classroom, carefully hidden behind a desk globe. If she’d stayed a while longer, her suspicions would have been confirmed.


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  1. linuxode says:

    Really liked it! But you are using “Q” a lot – or atleast it feels so since the letter is at the beginning of 3 (out of 5) paragraphs. Use pronouns a little more – otherwise it sounds repetitive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, yes, as soon as you said that I noticed that Q is used at the beginning of a few paragraphs! Thanks for pointing that out, I really appreciate the feedback 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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