Q: Alone Again

Q was raging. She couldn’t believe it. Actually, yes she could. Of course they would. It didn’t surprise her that they were being so foolish. As she stormed off into the street, all she could think about was the way they all ganged up on her like that. It was going so well ! If only they’d listen to her, and take her seriously. Strangers scurried out of her way on the pavement, avoiding getting barged into. Why she trusted the lot of them, she didn’t know. That’s the last time she makes that mistake. How dare they ?, she thought, reliving the moment all over again. How dare he ? He was with them. All along, he was working with them. That’s what she gets for trusting him. For trusting anyone ! She doesn’t need him. She can take care of herself. She always has, what’s new.


Oh, shit. We’ve done it now. There’s no way she’ll ever listen to us again. No way she’ll ever want to see me again. You know what, I’m annoyed too. What is her problem ?! We’re trying to look out for her. Trying to protect ourselves. Now she’s off God-knows-where, doing God-knows-what. She’s going to ruin this for us. Everything we’ve worked for these past few years. She just barges into our lives, expecting that we’ll do as she says. That’s not how it works. That wasn’t part of the plan. She’s being selfish, acting like she’s the only one affected by this horror.

I really thought she trusted me. I thought we’d clicked. She was meant to appreciate that we were looking out for her. Why couldn’t she see ? She was meant to accept our plan and stay here. With us. With me. I really thought…


She needed some place to rest. She’d been striding angrily for hours. It was nearly dark now. Twilight settled across the skyscrapers like a blanket, getting ready for the icy night. She faltered. Maybe she overreacted. Perhaps they were right in being cautious. They have been working on this long before she even got here, after all. No, she decided. Shanghaiing me like that was wrong. She felt betrayed. They hurt her. He hurt her. But she doesn’t know anyone else in this looming, lonely city. She had no one to turn to. At this moment, she wished for nothing more than to be back home. But she couldn’t afford to think like that. That was not an option right now. She shook her head, as if to stop the thoughts from forming. I guess I’ll have to make some new acquaintances. She gritted her teeth, crossed her arms, and marched on. When they realise they need me, they’ll be sorry.


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  1. I have to backtrack to the beginning. (I just changed internet carriers and I have been pulling my hair out for almost two weeks!)


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