Languages of Love

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, a love expert, there are 5 languages of love. (Side note: How do you become a love expert ? Sounds amazing.) These languages are:

  • Receiving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service (devotion)
  • Physical touch

His theory states that everyone has one primary and one secondary language that they “speak”. He also says that people tend to give love in the same way they wish to receive love. So it is important to recognise how you and your partner (in any sort of relationship) express love. I found this quiz here if any of you would like some help in identifying your main languages of love.

The first time I heard of these 5 languages, was through my quirky Religious Studies teacher. She was giving us some friendly life advice, and told us that expressing love in the right way is the key to any relationship. Six years later, those words of wisdom have really helped me out.

I am now in a committed relationship, and these languages of love play on my mind all the time. I just took the quiz above, and it confirmed what I already knew to be true. My primary language of love is acts of service – devotion. I have always been someone who relies more on people’s actions than their words. Promises don’t stand for much with me unless you follow through. Whereas my partner’s primary language (I believe) is quality time. He loves to hang out together. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love to hang out with him, but it just might mean more to him because it’s exactly what he needs to affirm our love for each other. I also know that he doesn’t really value gift buying (which is sad because it means I don’t get a lot of presents haha), whereas I love getting people gifts. Not big, fancy gifts – it can be as little as a chocolate bar, just to show someone that I was thinking of them. For me, it’s the effort put in that means a lot. It reminds me of when my dad used to come home from work, surprising us with chocolate bars for my sisters, my mum and me. We loved it when he did that and it obviously stuck with me, so I use it as a way to express my love.

So if you ever feel distant from someone, or that you’re maybe not getting through to your partner as much as you’d like, give it a go ! Figure out their language of love by observing how they respond to them (or a less subtle approach would be to just link them that quiz above and ask for the answer..). Even if you don’t believe in this theory, it might start a conversation about different ways of expressing love.

Good luck,



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  1. I am like you….acts of service. Words really mean nothing when you get right down to it. Actions always speak louder. 🙂

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    1. Agreed !! It’s a much more reliable way of assessing someone’s genuinity !


  2. meetmeinnevada says:

    I think love language transcends to family and friendships as well. My love language is physical touch. I have always been physical. It goes back to when I was a child. I needed hugs, kisses or anything as simple as a pat on the back. I think part of it is that I’m a sensory kind of person.

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    1. Oh definitely !! It applies to any relationship with anyone at all 🙂 That’s so sweet, a well-timed hug can make all the difference sometimes ! I think touch and words of affirmation are things I didn’t experience much as a kid so I just don’t “speak” them as often.

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      1. meetmeinnevada says:

        Maybe you are right. Our love languages begin to form in childhood. That’s why we seek them out. The old saying goes that you marry someone like your parents

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      2. Oh yes, as disturbing as it is, I definitely believe that we connect best with people of similar traits to our parents ! It’s the case with my partner and me… creepy huh.


  3. My friend introduced me to this idea recently, I think its brilliant and can be really helpful for understanding why you get along better with some people or why your drifting apart from others. I’m definitely a person that needs quality time, I don’t feel like I know someone if I’m not seeing them face to face.

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    1. I agree – it’s a great theory, and I really do live by it ! So nice to hear everyone’s languages of love 🙂


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