NEWTS #11: Inner Child

This week’s challenge is a bit of an odd one, but it’s really important to me right now. I wasn’t sure whether to actually make it a TSN or not, because it might be a bit personal, but I went for it.

So this week, I am going to begin to get to know my inner child. I’ve been told that getting to know her might help me identify some insecurities and hopefully eventually resolve them. I’ve managed to identify some things already, but I still think I need to do some more connecting with mini-Olive.

Some of you might not be convinced by this method, you might not believe it works. I get that it can make you feel kinda silly. That’s cool. I have my doubts every now and then too. But at this point, I am willing to give anything a go if it can help me feel better about myself in the long-run.

So, the first thing you can do to help ‘rekindle your relationship with your inner child’ is to make a list of all the things you loved as a kid ! Sounds easy enough.. if my memory doesn’t fail me. So this is mine:

  1. Rollerblading. I remember skating outside the apartment building I lived in, going down these 2 ramps that were outside. I used to go skating on my own or with my sister. I loved the feeling of going fast and managing not to fall.
  2. Cartoon Network. Lazy days were the best; watching my favourite cartoons in my PowerPuff Girls PJs (I always identified with Buttercup), munching away on a snack. I loved getting carried away with the stories.. which brings me onto…
  3. Reading. I absolutely loved reading when I was a bit older (around 10 years old). I wouldn’t go anywhere without a book in my hand. I used to even read on car journeys until I started to feel sick (I get motion sickness). I remember always wanting to discuss the stories and characters I was reading about, but my siblings and parents didn’t read as much as me, so weren’t really interested.
  4. My walk-man CD. I adored my gadgets, like the gameboy, and then MP3 player and then eventually iPod. I remember when I was really young, I was a massive Britney Spears fan. My favourite cassette (haha) was Britney’s self-titled album. I used to listen to it on repeat, especially once I was in bed with the lights off, everyone thinking I was asleep. I turned to it when I was ever sad or angry too.
  5. My diary. I loved keeping secret diaries. I loved writing about my day, and my feelings. I liked to let things out that way. I’m really glad I’ve started blogging now – it reminds me of that. I also loved making scrapbooks with my favourite things !
  6. Learning. I really enjoyed learning as a kid. I loved doing my homework. I loved doing well in school. I was 3rd top in my class, and I was proud of that, because I loved it. I still love learning, that’s why maybe I see myself working in academia when I’m older.
  7. Tennis. It was (and still is) my favourite sport. I was a bit of an aggressive kid when I was younger, so I think I liked taking out my aggression on the ball. Again, I liked being good at things, and because I started tennis young, I was alright. It was nice to be part of a tennis club too. Although I never really felt I fit in at any of the tennis clubs I joined over the years.
  8. Toys. I loved dressing up my Barbies and making up stories for them (mostly love stories between them and the Kens). I also had a Baby Born that I loved taking care of. I then went through a phase of dragging around this turtle thing, pretending it was my pet. I always wished I had a pet dog when I was a kid – I asked my parents countless times but they never gave in ! My favourite toys were probably my Bratz dolls though. This is because I had saved my pocket money for weeks to get them. Once I had enough, I remember going to the toy shop with my mum and handing my money to the cashier, and him turning to me, saying I was a few pounds short. I was so devastated because it turned out I’d misheard him before when he told me the price a few weeks before. Fortunately, my mum made up the difference and I got my Bratz. I still have them now (they creep me out).
  9. Games. I loved playing games with my sisters and cousins. We would build forts out of cushions and sheets. We would make up games where we pretended the floor was lava, so everyone could only step on pillows we’d scattered all over the place. We used to get in teams and create silly competitions. We played loads of board games too !
  10. Birthday Parties. I had a birthday party every year. I would always invite everyone in my class to my parties and it would be so fun ! I loved planning things, making the invitations and giving them out, celebrating, dressing nice, party games, cake, and of course presents.
  11. Dressing up in mum’s clothes. My sisters and I used to love rummaging through my mum’s wardrobe and put stuff on. We’d make cool outfits, wear her heels, use her make-up, and wear her jewelry. We loved doing fashion shows.

I was going to further identify with mini-me by making a list of things that may have triggered negative emotions in me as a kid, but I don’t think I’m ready to share that yet. I kinda want to leave this post on a positive note. I think that was a good start though !

Olive (+ mini-Olive)

(And yes, that would be mini-me in that picture dressed up in a fabulous creation by moi !)


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