Power of Three

It’s funny how things come in threes. This week, life seems to have wanted to prove to me the power of three. Here’s a couple of ways it did that:

  • I’ve been applying to jobs constantly since graduating from university. It had been a while since I’d heard any good news from any job application and I was really beginning to lose all hope. However, this week, my luck seems to have changed ! I got an interview for a 10-week placement (that would give me something to do until Christmas) and found out in the same day that I was successful in getting a place on the programme. I was happy to have something lined up, something to add to my CV. Of course, as soon as I found this out, I received an e-mail, inviting me for an interview for a role I had applied for ! This role was a bit more relevant to my qualifications than the placement (I find out next week if my interview was successful). And then, a couple of days later I get another e-mail, inviting me for a third interview next week ! I was so surprised – it’s so frustrating that as soon as you accept a placement, you start getting options ! Where were all these offers when I had just graduated ? I’m not complaining though.
  • On a more upsetting note, I noticed 3 bad things happening last week (in the same day!). The first one was that a stabbing occurred close to where I live. It’s scary because it happened in broad daylight on a busy road nearby ! So sad. The second thing was that I saw a middle-aged woman collapsed on the floor with a group of people surrounding her. An ambulance arrived shortly after, but I assume she recovered okay – she may have just fainted. (That’s what I’ll tell myself anyway). Then, on my way home after seeing that, I came across the most bizarre scenario. I was waiting for a bus at a bus stop, when this elderly woman with a walking stick started arguing with this man. Before I knew it, she raised her walking stick and smacked him right in the face with it ! It was such an odd end to the most random day of events !!

So there we have it. Maybe the power of three really is a thing. Life is creepy sometimes.

P.S. Forgive me for only finding 2 examples of the power of three !! I bet the third example is yet to come.



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  1. meetmeinnevada says:

    I always thought good things come in three, but bad things come in many. You never know when they will end.

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