NEWTS #12: Vegetarian Week

As you can see from the title, this week I went veggie. Or more accurately, pescatarian. I normally eat meat fairly often, so this was a little bit of a change.

My week’s meals went as follows:


I started off fairly simply. I made some tagliatelle and added some roasted tomato pesto sauce. This is one of my absolute favourite meals! I would have used lemon pesto but my housemate has a severe nut allergy so I don’t use nuts in the shared kitchen. I also sizzled some spinach and roasted some tomatoes to add to the pasta. It was delicious !



I was feeling lazy, so I made the same meal without the roasted tomatoes, but kept the spinach. This time, I also added a couple of Quorn sausages. Just to keep up my protein intake (God forbid I miss out on a day’s protein!).


Tuna pasta bake with spinach. I swear I’m not obsessed with spinach (but I do adore it), I just bought a big pack so I had to get through it before it went off! This was fairly easy to make, you just mix it all up and leave in the oven for 40 minutes. Easy stuff. And super yummy.

I forgot to take a picture of my tuna pasta bake so I’m going to pretend it looked as good as this image I found on the internet…. Only differences: I used penne instead, and my oven dish is blue !


Leftover tuna pasta bake… I tend to make bulk meals (not so much because I’m trying to be efficient but..) because my eyes are too big for my tummy !

Friday (CHEAT DAY)

So I started the day with a a delicious spinach omelette for brunch. I kinda pride myself on my omelette-making skills (I should add it to my CV). I had it with some yummy pitta bread.

Then, I cheated. I had a slow-cooked pulled beef burrito. I’m sorry but I don’t even regret it because it was amaaaazzzinnggg. I’d had a long week and I wanted to reward myself at Changos Burritos. It was so worth it. I wanted some churros too but the queue was too long 😦 (maybe that was the universe teaching me a lesson for cheating on my NEWTS challenge week..)

Had my burrito with a delish guava fizzy drink. I love guava drinks so much.


I had nothing planned for today, so decided to take time to make some stuffed peppers with mince Quorn, rice, vegetables and feta cheese. I got the idea of adding feta from this recipe. I followed this recipe very loosely – as a guideline kinda. The main difference is I used Quorn instead of beef.


I had leftovers …. again … because I made waaayy too much rice/mince stuffing. This was my dinner (and lunch) for the following couple of days too. Yay.

All in all, it was great being veggie ! I will try to cut down on meat from now on for the sake of the animals, the Earth, and my health in general. I actually felt a lot healthier this week but various other factors had changed so it wouldn’t be right to conclude that it was due to cutting out meat. It also made me put in a bit more effort into my meals, which paid off !

One day I hope to try being vegan for a week, but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I don’t trust myself to do it properly… and I love cheese (and milk and eggs!) way too much.



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  1. I LOVE stuffed peppers!!! I am doing a similar thing this week – I ate way too much meat last week (most meals) so I’m having a vegetarian week this week (although I might slip in a bit of salmon at some stage so I guess pescetarian too)! xx

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    1. They are so yummy !! I really love Mediterranean food too, so the feta was a really nice touch 🙂 Good luck !! Slipping in salmon is not as bad as a beef burrito haha, so I’m sure you’ll do well !

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