Today’s Reflection

I am currently attending a training course in order to work in the health sector. Today, we covered the topic ‘Abuse’.

At the end of the day, we were each given a blank piece of A4 paper and 5 minutes to write down any thoughts we had about today.

These were mine:



Made me think of all the abuse there is in the world,

Vulnerable people.

They’re not bad people, the people abusing, they’re more people who need help themselves.

If everyone had support and love, the world would have less abuse.

People need to learn compassion.

They need to learn to love themselves,





Always appreciate how much everyone shares in this safe space.

It brings up stories of my own.

But I keep them to myself,

I’m not good at sharing.


Feeling guilty about not coming back.

Not seeing all of these people again,

So non-judgmental and kind.

Leaving this safe space.

The commitment.





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  1. jadecostello says:

    I nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge! If you want to participate, check out the rules here –
    Have Fun!!


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